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Gift Trade is a Silicon Beach based tech company in El Segundo, CA where customers sell items for what are called Points. 1 Point is equal to $1 and vice versa, so for example, a $90 blender would be worth 90 Points on Gift Trade. Anyone interested in purchasing the 90 Point blender would first need to purchase 90 Points for $90 from Gift Trade. The buyer would then use those 90 Points to pay the seller of the blender. The buyer would get the blender, and the seller would get the 90 Points. The seller would then have the option to either, A) use their 90 Points to buy other products on Gift Trade, or B) sell those Points to someone else looking to purchase Points at a discount rate. 

Since Gift Trade sells Points for $1 each, you could sell your Points for anywhere from ($0.91-$0.99) cents per Point. So for example, you could sell those 90 Points for $0.99 cents a point in the example of the blender, and make $89.10. Other sites enable you to earn up to 90% of the value of your products. Gift Trade is engineered to earn you that 91% to 99% of the value of your products that you just couldn't earn anywhere else.